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I'm not strong enough :'[


It's me again down here . 

Hell yeah , i think i will never forget youu . mybe yes and mybe nott . damn it ! hmp , i try to erased you from my colourful brain , but i'm failed . sho stupid . but atleast i'm happy because you was minee . yeahh , cry as i may these tears won't wash you away monkey . Breaking up with you is just a nightmare after having a best dream ever . hmp , if you're going to make me cry , atleast be here to wipe away all my tears . Nothing hurts more then realizing i meant everything to you , but i meant nothing to you right boy ? Sometimes i thing i've gotten over a person , but when i see your smile i suddenly realize i'll just pretending i'm over you to erase the pain of knowing that you will never be mine anymore . i hate the stars because you said to me - if you miss me , just se the stars , i will look as same as the stars - yeahh men , i'm fucking miss youuuuu ! do you remember what happen to that day ? that day went we first meet ? yeah i still remember it babe , the promise you made to me , that you will only care about me , that you will only protect me , that you will only love me . and yess , i believed your lies , i believed it ! hmm , i know you've got the new one . and i know you probably sick with me , right ? wherever you are , you will always be in my heart . so I'll back off so you can live happily , that is all i can say . I'll forget you so you can live better , so that you'll be happy without me . the love that you tossed away , you can take it . don't even leave a trace behind and take it all . don't even say you're sorry and don't you worry about me .

#I'm only say the sadness in my heart , so peaceup (♥)

Thursday, October 20, 2011 (7:30 PM)